Do It Yourself Moms








According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, exposure to lead paint increases the likelihood of lead poisoning and mental retardation. Scraping and sanding old paint should be completely avoided. This puts higher concentrations of solvents and chemicals into the air to be inhaled. The recommendation is to have someone else do this part of the remodeling and ideally, remove yourself from the location until the project is complete. But if you are just too excited and you must paint the nursery, there are some guidelines to help decrease the likelihood of paint exposure.
Paint removal can be safe for pregnant women too! I would still recommend avoiding paints that contain lead or asbestos but regular household paints can be removed safely with Home Strip products by EcoSolve Americas Inc. All Home Strip products are water based and solvent free with no fumes to potentially harm you or your baby. For all those go getter soon to be moms out there make the safe choice when you just got to do it yourself.For more details on Home Strip products please visit here…


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