Asbestos The Silent Killer


Learn about asbestos exposure in the work place and how it enters the body. See how asbestos damages the bodies vital organs resulting in serious illness and death. Know what your risking when you work with material from old buildings and protect yourself against asbestos. If you want to remove textured coatings in your home that may be contaminated with asbestos we recommend you get a professional to test for asbestos. If you can’t afford a professional consider using X-Tex Textured Coatings Remover the safe environmentally friendly option for textured coatings removal. X-Tex is designed to keep the material being removed wet for safe removal without creating harmful dust that could contain asbestos and be breathed in. If you need to remove asbestos from your home please be careful and call a professional when ever possible. For more details on X-Tex products please visit    


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