Could Environmental Chemicals Cause Autism?






There are few new parents today who haven’t considered the possibility that autism might affect their child. And many parents are wondering if chemicals in our air, food, and water are to blame for what has been called the “autism epidemic.” One thing that has changed dramatically over the last several decades is human exposure to toxic chemicals and metals in the environment. To learn more about which chemicals to avoid and what you can do to help ensure a healthy pregnancy please read One of the common chemical exposures listed in this article is from building materials many common materials used in construction and home repairs today contain hazardous chemicals that can cause damage to the brain and other vital organs and accumulate and stay in the body for years when used without the proper protective equipment. This concern for safer building and repair products grows daily that’s why EcoSolve Americas has provided Eco-friendly Home Strip products the water based solvent free alternative to paint stripping. Chemical paint stripping is one of the most volatile and hazardous building materials on the market today and can be purchased and used by any one in North America (banned from consumer use in other countries). Protect yourself and your family from chemical exposure and use only safe alternatives when building materials are concerned. For more info on Home Strip products please visit


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