Reducing Graffiti and Vandalism From/For Our Youth









In 2006, Brent Council was spending approximately £450,000 a year cleaning up graffiti.The London Borough of Brent is a London borough in north west London, and forms part of Outer London. Poor reviews by Brent’s Anti-Social Behavior Steering Group led to the formation in 2007 of the Brent Graffiti Partnership Board, a multi-agency partnership aimed at reducing graffiti in the borough. The multiple programs and education that were made available to Brent’s youth has reduced their graffiti by 25%, engaged many of Brent’s trouble youth into fulfilling educational and or challenging programs, and apprehended 40+ graffiti vandals in Brent area. To see how they did it watch the video in this link Another successful program educating youth about the consequences of graffiti and vandalism is Neighborhood Watch Programs in Ontario, Canada. They schedule seasonal graffiti removal days and as communities, families get together to help clean up their neighborhoods. One of the major cleaners that back their defense is the Eco-friendly Graffiti Go! a Home Strip product by EcoSolve Americas. The only truly effective water based solvent free graffiti remover that is non-toxic and completely safe for the user and the environment. For more details on this product or The Neighborhood Watch programs success please visit

Eco-friendly Boat Repairs







For all the boat lovers out there no one loves it when their boat needs repainting or worse has been in an accident and needs repairs and new paint. EcoSolve Americas is here to help with Eco-friendly options for paint removal, now there is no need for toxic chemicals that can contaminate water and soil. All our Home Strip products are solvent, caustic, and NMP free with no fumes so you don’t need extensive protective equipment to get the job done. For more details on Home Strip products please visit Don`t let your boat needs get you down watch the video in this link for some epic boat crashes to cheer you up or at least make you feel better about your boat! Remember choosing to use Eco-friendly products on your boat will ensure less contaminants in our environment do your part and help keep our planet green!

How to Strip Paint Off of Cabinet Doors








Repainting your cabinet doors can give them a second life. However, you will likely need to strip the paint currently on the cabinets before you apply a new color. Simply adding new paint on top of existing paint may seem like the easiest route to repainting cabinets, but this will leave you with a second-rate paint job that is likely to chip and peel soon. For some tips to get you started follow this link If you want some quick tips to help you get into the tricky to reach and detailed areas on your cabinet doors watch this video demo to see some ideas for tools you may already have for an easy fix For Eco-friendly paint stripping options visit EcoSolve Americas website for details on some of the safest paint and varnish removers on the market today. All Home Strip products are water based and fume free for safe and easy paint removal every time.

12 Repurposing Ideas For Decorating on a Budget








OK its time to switch things around, paint, do some cheap framing, rotate art collections, swap table lamps and just shake things up in general. Don’t have any extra items laying around for repurposing? Maybe the ideas in this article will help you look at someone else’s garage sale castoffs with new eyes. Now you have that perfect piece ready for a new look whether your trying to find that natural wood underneath or remove a finish in favor of a stain or just prepping the surface for a great new color make sure you use Eco-friendly alternatives by EcoSolve for results without the chemicals. All Home Strip products are safe water based strippers with no solvents or caustics that could harm you or the surface your stripping. Decorating with repurposed items is a great green tactic but only if you take smart steps to get you there. For more info on safe Home Strip products visit Happy decorating everyone you never know what treasures can be made from trash!

Reduce Your Exposure to Chemicals at Home, Work, and Play











You come into contact with chemicals every day. This is called chemical exposure. Although some chemical exposures are safe, others are not. For you to become sick, a certain amount of a harmful chemical must enter your body. Harmful chemicals can get into your body if you breathe, eat, or drink them or if they are absorbed through your skin. This booklet suggests ways you and your family can reduce your exposure to chemicals at home, at work, and at play. http://www.atsdr.cdc.go/emes/public/docs/How%20to%20Reduce%20Your%20Exposure%20to%20chemicals%20at%20home%20work%20and%20play%20fs.pdf 
If you want to replace the paint remover chemicals in your hobby or craft room, garage, or home be sure to check labels and MSDS info on these types of products most have this info available online. Know what your buying look past the “green” label and see whats really in there your health is worth it. I appreciate the dedication that EcoSolve Americas has put into their safe alternatives to paint and varnish removal, textured coatings removal, graffiti removal, and brush softeners. The Home Strip product line from EcoSolve has revolutionary water based technology that gives their products a powerful punch without solvents, caustics, or hidden toxins. For more info on Home Strip please visit

Asbestos in Textured Coatings






Textured coatings are on a long list of asbestos-containing materials that found their way into homes and businesses before federal government regulations in 1978. Applications of coatings known as Artex, acoustical, popcorn and cottage cheese gave a bumpy texture that was conducive to covering up construction flaws and ceilings. The real danger to workers and building occupants occurs when the product is manufactured and when it is removed. Working with textured coatings that contain asbestos fibers must always be undertaken in an informed and careful manner. To learn more follow this link If you have textured coatings in your home and you want to remove them hiring a professional will ensure safe removal but this is not an option for everyone. If you need to do the work yourself make sure you take the extra precautions to protect yourself and others in your household from asbestos exposure. EcoSolve Americas can help with Eco-friendly solvent free Home Strip products designed to take the pain out of stripping paint and textured coatings. Home Strip X-Tex Textured Coatings Remover is ideal in removing textured coatings from all surfaces including ceilings with a wet work system that keeps the material wet to prevent potentially harmful dust from contaminating the air. Make all your home renovations safe and easy with Home Strip products from EcoSolve for more info on these products please visit Home Strip tough not toxic!

Chemical Poisons And Your Dog








With your dog’s naturally curious and adventurous personality, don’t be surprised if he or she unwittingly finds them self ingesting some toxic chemicals you keep in your home. Despite all efforts to dog-proof a home, accidents involving deadly chemicals can still happen. Most people maintain a stock of dozens of different solvents, detergents, pesticides and treating agents, many of which can make pets very sick if ingested. Some solvents and cleaners may even be fatal to your pet. For a list of the most common chemicals and the effects they can have on your dog follow the link here The best way to keep my pets away from chemicals in my home is simply not to keep them there! I stopped using and storing chemicals in my home after my dog Angel started getting allergic reactions and excessive itching that resulted in a trip to the vets. My initial thought was food allergies but the vet suggested environmental sensitivities and to try to reduce the various chemicals used in my home and more frequent baths. Sure enough I have a healthy and once again happy puppy (she is the one in the picture) it really opened my eyes to how much more our pets are susceptible to these chemicals and its just not worth my furry loved ones health to keep them. If your looking for safe alternatives to some of the more volatile chemicals you keep check out EcoSolve Americas they have water based solvent free strippers and cleaners that are safe and environmentally friendly visit their website for more details