The Human Paint Brush






As artists we all have our favorite brush or tool the one you always reach for use again and again and have to replace the most. For artist Don Matis his favorite brush is with him always because well its attached to him! In this video Don takes us on the journey of how he became the “Human Paintbrush” and shares his worldview and artworks inspired by spiritual faith and talent to create original and striking canvases using his own body as an instrument of composition. Don’s life and work challenge our preconceptions about where lines are drawn between artist and art. So for the rest of us that don’t use body parts for painting there is an Eco-friendly way to restore not replace your favorite brush with the reusable solution Brush Renew. This Home Strip product from EcoSolve Americas is water based and fume free designed to soften and restore old brushes like new. Save your money and your brushes with Home Strip Brush Renew for more details on Home Strip products please visitĀ


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