Common Household Chemicals Harming Your Pets







Pets are more vulnerable than people to exposure to toxins in and around the home. Their natural curiosity, coupled with a lack of awareness about toxic hazards, make them more likely to encounter substances harmful to their health. Most pet owners go to great lengths to care for their pets, but there are unseen health hazards to pets which are commonly overlooked, yet easily avoided. Follow this link for a list of potentially toxic materials which may be affecting the long-term health of your pet. If your planning any repairs or renovations in your home please use caution with the products you use and make sure they are Eco-friendly and do not contain harmful solvents, caustics, or toxins like formaldehyde mentioned in the above article. These substances can make your pet very sick or even cause death no matter how careful you are even just storing them in your home can be a hazard for your pet. The best practice is to simply not use them! One of the most toxic products on the shelf for home maintenance today is paint removers that’s why EcoSolve Americas has made water based environmentally friendly Home Strip products available everywhere in North America for a safe option for paint stripping. For more info on Home Strip products please visit the tough not toxic brand for paint removal.


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