Save Your Health And Money With Go Green Decorating




When you decorate your home, you may not think about “going green” in the process. But maybe you should. These days more Interior Designers say green designs not only look great, but just might make you FEEL great. Using low VOC paints and products, refinishing and repurposing furniture, these are just some of the ways you can reduce decorating costs and keep out newly produced products that can off gas hazardous fumes into your home. Watch this video for details on these great tips and more For Eco-friendly low VOC products that can help with refinishing and removing old damaged paint look no further than Home Strip products from EcoSolve Americas. Always choose the safer environmentally friendly option when starting projects in your home. It may seem like a healthy choice to repair damaged paint or refinish a piece of furniture in your home but the products involved in the process may not be. Home Strip products are the safe solution to all your DIY paint and finish removal needs with no fumes or harsh solvents these products are ideal for indoor projects with no health risks and great results. For more details and where to buy Home Strip visit the tough not toxic brand for paint stripping.


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