Asbestos in Textured Coatings






Textured coatings are on a long list of asbestos-containing materials that found their way into homes and businesses before federal government regulations in 1978. Applications of coatings known as Artex, acoustical, popcorn and cottage cheese gave a bumpy texture that was conducive to covering up construction flaws and ceilings. The real danger to workers and building occupants occurs when the product is manufactured and when it is removed. Working with textured coatings that contain asbestos fibers must always be undertaken in an informed and careful manner. To learn more follow this link If you have textured coatings in your home and you want to remove them hiring a professional will ensure safe removal but this is not an option for everyone. If you need to do the work yourself make sure you take the extra precautions to protect yourself and others in your household from asbestos exposure. EcoSolve Americas can help with Eco-friendly solvent free Home Strip products designed to take the pain out of stripping paint and textured coatings. Home Strip X-Tex Textured Coatings Remover is ideal in removing textured coatings from all surfaces including ceilings with a wet work system that keeps the material wet to prevent potentially harmful dust from contaminating the air. Make all your home renovations safe and easy with Home Strip products from EcoSolve for more info on these products please visit Home Strip tough not toxic!

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