Should Pregnant Women Paint?






It’s hard to predict the degree of toxicity from painting your house, especially because it’s hard to determine your precise level of exposure. As exciting as it is to prepare your home for the new baby, all paints contain chemicals that could affect you and your baby, and there aren’t enough studies to provide reassurance on the safety of paint exposure. Follow this link for some simple tips to keep your exposure levels to a minimum for a happy healthy pregnancy. Choosing to use low VOC products for repairs and paint projects in your home can help reduce exposure to toxic solvents and chemicals. Reducing these exposures while you are pregnant is important to protect your baby during vital development stages in the womb. EcoSolve Americas Home Strip products provide low VOC paint removal options for safe indoor paint removal projects without the need for extensive ventilation or protective equipment. Make your nursery a safe chemical free zone for mom and baby. For more info on EcoSolve and Home Strip products please visit

The Effect Of Color








Color is one of the fundamental elements of our existence, and defines our world in such deep ways that its effects are nearly imperceptible. It intersects the worlds of art, psychology, culture, and more, creating meaning and influencing behavior every step of the way. Most fascinating are the choices we make, both subconsciously and consciously, to use color to impact each other and reflect our internal states. Watch this video and see how color affects you If you want to change up the colors in your home there are lots of options from small accent pieces for a pop of color to total room transformations. Colors have different meanings for different people so take some time finding out what works best for your living space. If you need to remove old paint colors to make room for new choose to use safe paint removal products from EcoSolve Americas. EcoSolve has Eco-friendly paint strippers that get the job done without the need for toxic chemicals. So the next time you want to switch up the colors in your life think green with EcoSolve Americas. For more details on EcoSolve and their Eco-friendly Home Strip products please visit

Go Graffiti Go!








It may have been a hot summer for Jenny Hamilton and her team, but she is committed to help making London streets a lot more graffiti free. The team cleaned up graffiti wherever it was found, both on public and private property. The environmentally friendly cleaning product the team uses Graffiti Go cleaned up a lot of graffiti this year as they strived to brake their record of 1200 clean up sites last year. For the full article follow the link here Graffiti Go is truly the green graffiti remover of choice making a difference cleaning up London, Ontario’s communities. Help breathe new life into your community with environmentally friendly products from EcoSolve Americas. Graffiti Go has fast and effective water based technology that eliminates the need for toxic solvents and caustics making it ideal for safe and effective graffiti removal. For more details on Graffiti Go or other Home Strip products please visit

The Break Down On Gas Emissions And VOCs







How do VOCs and Gas Emissions effect us and the planet? Julia Black, assistant designer on Pure Design, shares her green knowledge in this web series. In this episode, Julia explains VOCs, gas emissions, and how you can eliminate unhealthy materials from your home. Follow this link and see what you can do to improve the air quality in your home If your looking for a way to eliminate air polluters in your home remove them safely with Home Strip products from EcoSolve Americas. Adhesives, glues, paints, varnishes, and coatings can contain VOCs that off gas or pollute the air in your home, some for years after they have been installed. These pollutants can make you very sick so remove them from your home with Eco-friendly options from EcoSolve. For more details on Home Strip products please visit

Keeping Your Pets Safe From Asbestos Exposure – Hidden Household Dangers








Pets that are exposed to asbestos are at risk of having mesothelioma cancer. This is why it is important that as a pet owner, you make sure that your home environment is safe for your pet. Keep your pets safe from asbestos exposure by learning about the hidden dangers around your household. Asbestos particles pose a huge threat to pets. These tiny particles can become the source of mesothelioma cancer in your pets, so keep your beloved pets safe and protected from asbestos exposure, both in and out of the home. Here is a 10-points pet-safe asbestos hazard advisory guide to help you keep your pets safe from asbestos exposure. If you find asbestos in your textured walls or ceiling remove it safely with X-Tex Textured Coatings Remover the Eco-friendly Home Strip product from EcoSolve Americas. Textured coatings used prior to 1980s commonly contained asbestos fibers and could pose serious health risks to you and your family if disturbed not just from renovations but also things as simple as bumping the wall or ceiling while moving furniture. Don’t take the risk if you suspect asbestos could be lurking in your walls remove it safely with safe Home Strip alternatives. X-Tex Textured Coating Remover is the tough not toxic coating remover of choice for more details please visit 

Unacceptable Levels




There are more than 80,000 chemicals in our daily life—in everything from cosmetics and cleaning products to furniture and food—and yet very few of them are regulated by government. Many of them have not been proven to be safe for humans on their own, let alone tested for how they might combine with each other once in our bodies. Check out this sneak peek video on the new documentary about the chemicals in our lives called Unacceptable Levels find out the truth about the products you use and their effects on the body. EcoSolve Americas is dedicated to providing safe alternatives to toxic chemical strippers still sold over the counter in North America. All of EcoSolve’s Home Strip products are water based and free from solvents, caustics, and NMP all known toxins found in most paint strippers including ones claiming to be green. EcoSolve’s patented water based technology is what sets them apart allowing for an effective stripper without the toxic chemicals. Home Strip products are the environmentally friendly option for paint and coating removal for information please visit

How To Test For Lead In Paint







If your home was built before 1978 and your planning to do some painting the first thing you should think about is testing for lead. Watch this instructional video and see how to properly test your house for lead. Learn how to use the Lead Check test with a professional painter and protect your family from lead poisoning. Quickly and easily test your paint for lead before painting or performing repairs on or in your home. Lead Check is safe, non-toxic, and easy for fast results and piece of mind. If your paint does turn positive for lead EcoSolve Americas can help with Home Strip Paint and Varnish Remover. Home Strip has a wet work system that softens lead contaminated paint and keeps it wet so you can remove it safely without creating lead dust or fumes that can be harmful when breathed in. All EcoSolve products are environmentally friendly and completely safe for the user. No home project should compromise the safety or well being of you or your family so be safe and test for lead first. For more details on EcoSolve and Home Strip products please visit