Programs Helping Asmatic Kids Breath Easy








Many families now benefit from targeted home visits, in which community-health workers inspect residences for triggers like dust, poor ventilation and mold that can aggravate asthma. Then, they offer solutions.”There were no programs in place that, by changing the home environment, you could improve asthma outcomes. We focused on the home because that’s where most of the triggers were happening.” Improper food storage, cockroaches, water leaks and dust mites are a few conditions that can provoke asthma. Since its start in 1997, KCAP has helped 2,500 families. For full article follow the link Reducing asthma triggers in your home can greatly improve your child’s health. EcoSolve Americas knows the importance of family health that’s why all Home Strip products are fume free so even the most sensitive can use our products safely. For more details on EcoSolve and Home Strip products please visit


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