Green Awareness Is Increasing Are You Aware?







Eco friendly, green, sustainable, environmentally responsible… how many different ways are there to refer to what’s good for the earth? These terms as well as others are used to define legislation, standards, and regulations that promote a healthy planet. Some of the driving factors of green awareness are extreme temperature and climate changes, increases in health conditions and learning disabilities. Follow this link to see what some organizations and the government are doing to increase awareness of these issues and support the green movement are you on board? One company trying to make a difference in North America is EcoSolve Americas. They’ve taken it upon themselves to provide environmentally friendly sustainable technology that replaces the need for the production of chemical paint strippers. The production of these toxic chemicals directly effects the health of our waterways and ecosystem. EcoSolve is doing its part to produce safe water based/soluble products in an effort to reduce the demand for chemical strippers and ultimately their production. For more info on EcoSolve and their Eco-friendly Home Strip products please visit


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