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With intimidating new terms to learn (off-gassing? VOCs?) and a host of special design considerations, getting from here to green may seem like an impossible assignment. The good news: Earth-friendly products are available in a wider range of styles and costs than ever before, letting you go any shade of green you desire. Cabinets, countertops, floors and appliances all offer new eco-friendly options that make designing your Eco-kitchen easy and fun. For some great tips and tricks to get the Eco-kitchen of your dreams follow this link http://www.diynetwork.com/kitchen/strategies-for-going-green/index.html Not only is what you put in your home important but how you install that matters as well. With any remodel the types of glue, cleaners, and sealants you use in your remodel will ultimately affect the air quality of your project and home. Some products like paint and finish removers have extremely toxic fumes when used where other products like glues and sealants can off gas toxic fumes for years after they have been installed. So always check each step of new material installation to make sure Eco-choices are made in your home. EcoSolve Americas offer fume free tough not toxic paint and coating removers ideal for all indoor remodel projects. Make your Eco-kitchen project safe at all stages of instillation for a happy healthy home. For more details on EcoSolve and their safe alternatives for paint and coating removal please visit  http://www.ecosolveamericas.com/

Toxic Ingredients What’s in your Paint Stripper?

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Just as there are varieties of different types of paint, there are many types of paint remover as well. Many of these paint strippers have complex chemical ingredients. Before you choose a paint remover, you should know which type will best suit your needs. Knowing how it will affect performance, environmental safety, and health risks can help you choose the appropriate stripper for the job with minimal amount of risk to you and the environment. Extreme caution should be used when using paint strippers containing Methylene Chloride. Because this chemical is a carcinogen, meaning it is linked with cancer, its fumes should not be inhaled. Some types of methylene chloride paint strippers are flammable, while others are not. The flammable ones contain less methylene chloride, but contain others chemicals like acetone, toluene, and methanol. This combination of chemicals poses some potentially serious health risks and can have a negative impact on the environment if not disposed of properly. Another ingredient found in alternative paint removers is NMP or N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone it has been identified as a reproductive toxin, and exposure is difficult to control when used in paint removal products. Paint Removers with this ingredient are labeled safe alternatives to their more toxic competitors but still have adverse chemical exposure risks. For more information on the toxic chemicals found in common paint removers follow this link http://www.naturalhandyman.com/iip/infpai/infprdanger.html One of the few companies with EcoLogo Certified Eco-preferable paint removers is EcoSolve Americas. Their certified products offer effective performance with water soluble ingredients for safe paint removal with no health risks and extremely low impact to the environment. Safe Certified EcoSolve products are listed below:


Home Strip Paint and Varnish Remover

X-Tex Textured Coatings Remover

Graffiti Go!
All EcoSolve products are water based, solvent and caustic free making them ideal for professionals and Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts alike. With no fumes or toxic chemicals EcoSolve products provide the truly safe alternatives to paint and coating removal. EcoSolve has tough not toxic solutions for you! For more info please visit http://www.ecosolveamericas.com/

Choosing Green Materials and Products for the Home

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Making smarter building material choices during renovation or new home development is a key way that you can help green your home. In addition, everyday decisions about household products (e.g., furniture, furnishings, appliances, electronics, and other goods) can also green your home and lifestyle. Keep in mind that sometimes it takes a little work to make the greenest choices. Different green goals may conflict with one another, and just because a product is advertised as “green” doesn’t mean that it really is the most environmentally friendly choice. But the more you learn and the more questions you ask, the better equipped you will be to find greener products. Find strategies to help you make smarter material choices and learn how to avoid green washing here http://www.epa.gov/greenhomes/SmarterMaterialChoices.htm If you need to remove paint during your next project make sure you use safe alternatives to chemical paint stripping. Chemical paint strippers are extremely toxic and contain hazardous ingredients like methylene chloride a known carcinogenic chemical banned in other countries from consumer use. EcoSolve Americas has water based paint removers that effectively remove paint without harsh fumes or chemicals. Revolutionary water technology is behind EcoSolve’s tough not toxic brand of paint removers is the safe alternative to chemical stripping. Chemical paint stripping is not only extremely toxic to people it is also toxic to the environment that’s why all EcoSolve products are water soluble and pH neutral. Truly safe and Eco-preferable options from EcoSolve. For more information on EcoSolve and their tough not toxic products please visit http://www.ecosolveamericas.com/

How to Identify and Restore Antique Furniture





Good sources for finding antique furniture are secondhand stores, household auctions, and garage sales. With furniture, as with anything else, one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. When you want to refinish old wooden furniture, look in the family storeroom: Check the attic, basement, garage, or wherever unwanted furniture has collected. You may discover a real antique or two — pieces handed down through the family for generations. No matter where you find it once you have the perfect piece for your home there are ways to tell exactly just how old that piece truly is. For details follow http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/home/how-to-identify-antique-wooden-furniture-for-refinishing.htm Antique wood can be very delicate and sometimes difficult to restore without damage to the surface. Some chemical strippers can roughen or raise the wood grain of your piece creating unwanted dark spots when you go to refinish the wood. Not to mention the health and environmental hazards of using chemicals for finish removal. Sanding is not always the answer either depending on the age and type of furniture. So what is the answer to safe finish removal from delicate wood? One tried and true option for safe finish removal is Home Strip Paint and Varnish Remover from EcoSolve Americas. Home Strip is an effective but gentile water based finish remover that does not carry the same risks that chemical strippers have. Home Strip is non-toxic and fume free for safe use with out the need for extensive ventilation or protective equipment. And all Home Strip ingredients are water soluble for an Eco-preferable product with very low impact on the environment. Now you can transform old furniture into beautifully restored treasures for your home with Home Strip. For more info on EcoSolve and their safe alternatives to chemical stripping please visit http://www.ecosolveamericas.com/

EcoSolve Products Awarded EcoLogo Certification










EcoSolve Americas is proud to have obtained EcoLogo certification North America’s largest, most respected environmental standard and certification mark. EcoLogo provides customers – public, corporate and consumer – with assurance that the products and services bearing the logo meet stringent standards of environmental leadership. With THOUSANDS of EcoLogo Certified products, EcoLogo certifies environmental leaders covering a large variety of categories, helping you find and trust the world’s most sustainable products. EcoSolve Americas top three paint and coating removal products are now certified environmentally preferable by EcoLogo because we want our customers assured that our products are safe and effective alternatives to chemical stripping. EcoSolve’s Home Strip Paint and Varnish Remover, X-Tex Textured Coatings Remover, and Graffiti Go are EcoLogo certified. Paint removal has never been safer with EcoSolve. For more information on EcoSolve and their safe alternatives please visit http://www.ecosolveamericas.com/

What Does Eco-Friendly Really Mean?







In recent years, terms like “going green” and “eco-friendly” have become buzz words on talk shows, commercials and product packaging. The term “eco-friendly” has been used for so many different products and practices, its meaning is in danger of being lost. By understanding the true meaning of eco-friendly, you can implement the practices that will lead to healthier living for the planet and its inhabitants, big and small. Find out what the true definition of this term means, what qualifications a product must meet, and find out how you can keep green washed products from finding their way into your shopping cart. http://greenliving.nationalgeographic.com/ecofriendly-mean-2415.html EcoSolve Americas is one company trying to make a difference with sustainable products that provide safe alternatives to chemical paint removal. Having recently received EcoLogo certification EcoSolve promotes Eco-Preferable products in an industry where environmentally sustainable products are far and few between. All EcoSolve products are water based and water soluble with no solvents or caustics that can harm consumers or the environment. With advanced water based technology EcoSolve is attempting to change the paint removal industry in North America where extremely toxic chemical paint strippers can still be bought over the counter by anyone. Many of these types of chemicals have been banned in neighboring countries for consumer purchase because of their extreme toxicity. Help support the drive for change only purchase Eco-friendly products when ever possible. For more information on EcoSolve and where to purchase their safe alternatives please visit http://www.ecosolveamericas.com/  and like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/EcosolveAmericas

Healthy Home Tips for Mom to be and Kids

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Babies’ and children’s developing brains and bodies (especially their reproductive systems) are extraordinarily vulnerable to toxic chemicals. And children’s bodies may not metabolize and excrete toxic chemicals as readily as adults. So it’s important for our children’s long-term health that we focus on the toxic chemicals they’re exposed to, and do our best to keep them away when it matters most. If your pregnant or already have little ones read the tips in this article to help reduce your families exposure to harmful toxins. http://www.ewg.org/healthyhometips/toxicfreechildren#pregnant If your home has a work shop or you store home improvement products at home EcoSolve Americas can help you reduce the chemicals you want to keep on hand. One of the most toxic and common chemicals you can find in any work shop or home improvement kit is chemical paint strippers. Not only do they have harmful fumes that can be breathed in but you can also be exposed by absorbing the chemicals through your skin and cause severe burns and irritation. EcoSolve Americas has safe alternatives to chemical paint removal that can be used inside and out with no fume or burn hazards. All our products are water soluble and EcoLogo Certified as safe alternatives for paint removal. Our tough not toxic products get the job done safely no more need for extensive protective equipment and ventilation. For more info on EcoSolve and our Eco-friendly products please visit http://www.ecosolveamericas.com/