Fatal Industrial Accident Methylene Chloride Kills










A man killed in an industrial accident yesterday was a contractor hired to clean a tank at Sunnyside Products in Wheeling, IL. The project assignment was to clean sludge from the bottom of the tank. The man was found at the bottom of the tank unresponsive, face down in a chemical sludge, and 9-1-1 was called immediately. The chemical in the tank was methylene chloride, also known as dichloromethane (DCM), which is used as a solvent for many chemical purposes including degreasers and paint stripping. DCM is a serious inhalation hazard, and is metabolized to carbon monoxide in the body, which can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. By initial assessment, low oxygen and/or the inhalation of the chemical fumes, which are heavier than air, are believed to be the cause of the victim’s loss of consciousness. About 15 fire departments responded with support personnel, technical rescue experts, and equipment. The technical rescue experts included specialists in hazardous materials and work in confined spaces. For full article and video links to Fire Department reports and recovery operations follow link…  http://www.arlingtoncardinal.com/2012/11/30/facts-known-about-fatal-industrial-accident-in-wheeling-at-sunnyside-chemical-tank/  This tragic death could have been prevented with safer solutions from EcoSolve Americas. EcoSolve has tough water based strippers that are fume free and do not contain harmful solvents and caustics like other paint strippers. No matter if your working on a small home project or a big industrial job EcoSolve has effective alternatives to hazardous chemicals like methylene chloride. For all your paint and coating removal needs EcoSolve has tough not toxic products. Visit the EcoSolve website for more info http://www.ecosolveamericas.com/


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