Health and Safety Tips when Painting









Painting your home should be a fun and rewarding as well as a risk-free experience. There are some easy steps you can follow to make your next painting project a safe one. One of the first things you should do before anything else is read the paint can label. Always take note of any cautions or potential dangers indicated on the paint can this will allow you to prep the room accordingly. Know the risks of lead exposure this can occur if you are working on a home built before 1970 there is a chance that there may be lead-based paint on the walls and trim. All paint you can purchase today is lead free but still can contain chemicals that can effect your health. It is important to use protective equipment when painting to protect your eyes, lungs and skin from damage that could be caused by these chemicals. Most paint jobs will require the use of a ladder. Ladder safety is also important to minimize the likelihood of common ladder-related accidents. Once your done proper paint disposal and recycling can help protect the environment from paint chemical pollution. Exposure to paints can cause many health problems. Sometimes these are noticeable right away and sometimes the reaction to the overexposure isn’t observed until later. Knowing the negative health effects of certain types of paint can prevent you from overexposure at the first sign of symptoms. For a list of common health effects, symptoms, and details on all of the points mentioned please follow this link for full article If you need to remove old, damaged, or lead contaminated paint before you can roll on a fresh coat make sure you do it safely. Many paint removal products are extremely hazardous and lead paint removal when not done properly can pose serious health threats to yourself and anyone in the vicinity of your project. Its recommend that you have an RRP Certified contractor remove lead paint from your home when ever possible. There are safe alternatives to paint removal that do not require hazardous chemicals and can effectively remove all types of paint including lead based paint (when proper safety procedures are used) safely. EcoSolve Americas has water based technology that replaces harsh solvents and caustics commonly found in chemical paint strippers. The Tough Not Toxic brand of paint removal products from EcoSolve are fume free, easily neutralized with water, and will not damage the surface your stripping. Visit the EcoSolve website for more details on safe solutions to paint removal and where to buy All paint projects can be done safely with a little patience and a lot of know how, subscribe to the EcoSolve Blog for more great tips on everything paint related.


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