10 Cancer-Causers to Remove From Your Home








Given poor government regulation, many of the cleaning products available on the market contain “everyday” carcinogens such as formaldehyde, nitrobenzene, methylene chloride, and napthelene, as well as reproductive toxins and hormone disruptors. Not to mention other ingredients that cause liver, kidney and brain damage, allergies and asthma. There is literally a host of products, other than those used for basic cleaning, that often contain carcinogenics as well. From air fresheners and art supplies, to flea control for pets, dry cleaning, paints, and even ‘microwavable’ plastic can pose serious health risks to humans. For full article and links on details for the top ten cancer causers you should remove from your home follow this link http://www.care2.com/greenliving/10-cancer-causers-to-remove-from-your-home.html?page=1 One company striving to provide safe green certified products for consumers is EcoSolve Americas. Their brand of Tough Not Toxic products effectively replace some of the most toxic paint remover products on the market. Chemical paint strippers containing harsh solvents like methylene chloride are carcinogenic for people and extremely toxic for the environment with poor regulations for industrial and consumer use. That’s why EcoSolve has taken the steps to provide safe alternatives that are produced responsibly from sustainable water soluble ingredients. To learn more about EcoSolve and their products visit http://www.ecosolveamericas.com/

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