Cities Wiping Out Graffiti


The term “graffiti” comes from the Greek word “graphein,” which means “to write.” Today’s graffiti according to the National Council to Prevent Delinquency, is 80% “tagger” graffiti.  Another 5% are “pieces” and nationally, gang graffiti makes up about 10%. You’ve probably seen graffiti somewhere in your community.  It’s the words colors and shapes drawn or scratched on buildings, overpasses, train cars, signs and other surfaces.  It’s done without permission and against the law. While the cost of graffiti vandalism in the U.S. varies from city to city many municipal governments, communities and property owners report that the cost is rising each year. Graffiti is a drain on your tax dollars and diminishes residents’ sense of safety and security in a community. Neighborhoods with graffiti see a decrease in property value and a loss of business growth and tourism. The presence of graffiti sends a signal that nobody cares, which can result in other forms of crime and street delinquency in the neighborhood.
      Immediate removal of graffiti—within 24 to 48 hours—is the key to successful prevention.
There are several ways to remove graffiti. The basic methods are the paint-out, which is to simply paint over the graffiti and removal with the use of solvents, chemicals and water and sand blasting.   
      There are lots of things that you can do. Organize a paint-out or paintbrush mural to cover a wall plagued with graffiti. Adopt a wall at your school or in your neighborhood and make sure it stays free of graffiti. Carry out school and neighborhood activities to educate citizens about graffiti and its negative effects. Of foremost importance, always report graffiti to the proper authorities. For full article follow link
     Although there are lots of options to remove graffiti a lot of the cleaners and methods used are hazardous. Many graffiti cleaners are full of harsh solvents and chemicals and sand blasting requires specific safety equipment and training. Not everything can be painted over so one company sought to change the playing field and make a safe graffiti remover that everyone can use and is safe on most surfaces. EcoSolve Americas has a revolutionary water based technology that removes all types of graffiti paints without harsh solvents and chemicals. Graffiti Go is a proven effective fume free graffiti remover formula used by Neighborhood Watch programs to keep communities clean. Now communities can get together and get hands on with spring clean up. Graffiti Go is easy to use and is safer than toxic solvents or harsh sand blasting on surfaces. For more info on Graffiti Go and where to buy please visit EcoSolve has Tough Not Toxic certified safe options for paint removal.