EcoSolve #1 Customer Testimonial of the Day














“I just wanted to send you a quick message to let you know how pleased I was with the EcoSolve Americas stripping product you recommended. I have to strip the woodwork on my boat every couple years and re-varnish. Whenever I used varnish removers in the past they were always very toxic and I had to be very careful with them. I was skeptical about using an eco friendly product to perform what I thought would for sure require a much more abrasive product. EcoSolve [Home Strip Paint and Varnish Remover] worked like a champ and furthermore it was extremely gentle on the surrounding surfaces allowing me to move a lot quicker. I’m sold on the product and will now always use it for my biannual woodworking torture!”
Thanks again,

Steve Holloway
Project Consultant
Vancouver General Contractors

Thanks Steve for the great comments! We truly believe in our products and are so thankful you feel the same way. It goes to show that EcoSolve can replace toxic paint removers with Tough Not Toxic removers and cleaners safe for everyone including the environment!

Clean Off the Tough Stuff from Your Car!

ggphoto1Does you car have tar, bugs, paint over spray, glue, stickers, graffiti, tree sap, or just tough sticky stuff that won’t come off? EcoSolve Americas has proven Tough Not Toxic products available to tackle even the sticky stuff. Graffiti Go does more than just clean up graffiti. Our product tests have shown that Graffiti Go can be used on factory car paint without harming the finish. Remove the tough stuff then polish to see a noticeably improved shine. Graffiti Go is not just tough it’s also safe to use with no fumes harsh solvents or caustics that can harm your skin and lungs. Unlike other car cleaners Graffiti Go is water based, certified and designed to reduce environmental impact making it safe to go down the drain! For more info on Graffiti Go and other great products from EcoSolve please visit our website www.ecosolveamericas.comĀ  Check out our get connected page and see what you’ve been missing on our Facebook Page and You Tube Channel!