EcoSolve Attends 2013 TAGS Conference in Nanaimo

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      The Anti Graffiti Symposium (TAGS) is an annual conference open to individuals working for municipalities, law-enforcement agencies, departments of justice, schools, community groups, businesses and other agencies affected by and working to prevent, reduce graffiti vandalism and increase criminal and civil enforcement efforts. The City of Nanaimo RCMP detachment was proud to be hosting Tags 2013. This years line up of keynote speakers covered every aspect of graffiti from prevention and youth education programs, law enforcement procedures and practices, to clean-up programs at all levels from city abatement to community.


     TAGS was initiated in 2005 by the Vancouver Police Department (VPD). VPD had the first two-member unit in Canada mandated to investigate graffiti crimes on a full-time basis. This unit identified that graffiti offenders are very mobile and share information online and recognized the need to increase their understanding of the link between graffiti as a minor crime that leads to more serious offences. This conference was developed as a means to improve training and to provide graffiti investigators across Canada with the opportunity to develop investigative skills, network and share intelligence on tracking and tagger identification. Since its fledgling start, the event has grown into a national conference drawing local, provincial, national and international participants and speakers. Program topics have expanded beyond enforcement and now include information on public education, community development and research.


      Adjoining to the TAGS conference this years sponsors set up in the Trade Show room. EcoSolve Americas had the honor of presenting what’s new in anti-graffiti products. EcoSolve’s Graffiti Go proved to be a big hit and gave conference attendees the chance to create a little graffiti of their own so they could see Graffiti Go in action. EcoSolve’s advanced water based technology provides professional performance without toxic fumes allowing for a safe hands on experience right in the show room!





      Thank you TAGS for a wonderful welcoming experience and the chance to change the game on graffiti removal! Now everyone can help clean up graffiti safely without the need for harsh toxic chemicals! Graffiti Go is kid, pet, and plant safe so you don’t have to worry. We can all do our part to keep our communities clean and safe with green certified products from EcoSolve.


     For more info on EcoSolve, Graffiti Go, and our wide range of safe paint and coating removal products please visit our website Thanks for reading subscribe to the EcoSolve Blog for more great articles, pictures, and info!

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