Chemical Poisons And Your Dog








With your dog’s naturally curious and adventurous personality, don’t be surprised if he or she unwittingly finds them self ingesting some toxic chemicals you keep in your home. Despite all efforts to dog-proof a home, accidents involving deadly chemicals can still happen. Most people maintain a stock of dozens of different solvents, detergents, pesticides and treating agents, many of which can make pets very sick if ingested. Some solvents and cleaners may even be fatal to your pet. For a list of the most common chemicals and the effects they can have on your dog follow the link here The best way to keep my pets away from chemicals in my home is simply not to keep them there! I stopped using and storing chemicals in my home after my dog Angel started getting allergic reactions and excessive itching that resulted in a trip to the vets. My initial thought was food allergies but the vet suggested environmental sensitivities and to try to reduce the various chemicals used in my home and more frequent baths. Sure enough I have a healthy and once again happy puppy (she is the one in the picture) it really opened my eyes to how much more our pets are susceptible to these chemicals and its just not worth my furry loved ones health to keep them. If your looking for safe alternatives to some of the more volatile chemicals you keep check out EcoSolve Americas they have water based solvent free strippers and cleaners that are safe and environmentally friendly visit their website for more details