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You’ve probably seen graffiti vandalism somewhere in your community. It’s the words, colors, and shapes scratched on buildings, overpasses, train cars, and other surfaces. It’s done without permission and it’s against the law. Not only does this type of vandalism hurt people in the affected communities it also posses serious health problems to graffiti writers who inhale spray paint or take unnecessary risks, such as climbing onto rooftops and structures for the purpose of exposing their work. Follow this link for full article on preventing and controlling vandalism in your community and what to look for if your concerned about someone you love possibly involved in graffiti crimes. The top three things you can do to prevent graffiti vandalism in your community is first get educated by learning about graffiti, its impacts on your community, and who is responsible. Always report graffiti as soon as its spotted to the authorities. Organize community clean ups and paint outs get people involved and excited to help take back public areas. One favored safe method is water based graffiti removal from EcoSolve. EcoSolve’s Graffiti Go is a proven effective graffiti remover that can be used by everyone. Graffiti Go is completely free of harsh solvents and fumes making it the safest choice for graffiti removal (even safer than using paint). For more info on Graffiti Go and other safe paint removal alternatives by EcoSolve please visit

The Power of Community Contribution: Go Graffiti Go!

Graffiti affects everyone and can be quite costly for cities and business owners to hire professional clean ups. Studies show that communities with high vandalism crime are prone to other crimes including theft and assault. There are lots of benefits to getting your community together for graffiti removal. Communities with a strong anti-graffiti program have less crime and vandalism strengthening community relationships, and overall enjoyment of a clean and safe place to live! Organizing graffiti clean-up days in your area and educating youth about the costs of graffiti and the people and businesses it hurts can send a strong message that graffiti is not tolerated in this area and discourage repeat vandalism. The more money going to the professional clean-up of graffiti the less is left to maintain other important services like city transit and other street maintenance. To help your community use Eco-friendly graffiti removal products and get everyone involved.
A successful program educating youth about the consequences of graffiti and vandalism is the Neighborhood Watch Program in London, Ontario. They schedule seasonal graffiti removal days with a volunteer team that this year alone removed over 1200 graffiti sites in London. The Eco solution that backs their defense is Graffiti Go a safe and effective water based graffiti remover. Graffiti Go is a solvent and fume free remover that is non-toxic and completely safe for the user and the environment. Not only does London’s Neighborhood Watch program use it to remove graffiti, they give out 500+ free bottles of Graffiti Go every year to anyone who wants to chip in and join the fight against private and public property vandalism in London. The result the City saves up to $58,000.00 in clean-up costs every year never underestimate the power of community helping hands.
So what can be done to discourage reoccurring vandalism from a particular site when repeated removal doesn’t seem to do the trick? One tried and true method is the presence of murals in known high graffiti traffic areas. Not only can murals bring art and beauty to your city when you commission known graffiti offenders to create these murals it can change their view of the community and give them an opportunity to share a positive message.  There is no doubt about it, this growing culture of artists and youth are simply bursting with expression. Instead of labeling them as the problem we can make them part of the solution. When graffiti artists have the choice to make their passion a career and transform colorful expression into long lasting messages to uplift communities then maybe we can change the face of graffiti.
In the end the most effective way to reduce graffiti in any community is to combine a diversity of efforts. Developing strong community clean-up programs, providing education on the negative effects of graffiti to youth, and encouraging positive uplifting murals for walls constantly vandalized by graffiti all contribute to healthy clean communities. If you want to learn more about safe Graffiti Go products visit for quick and easy online purchasing find them at the EcoMall a place to help save the earth.

Go Graffiti Go!








It may have been a hot summer for Jenny Hamilton and her team, but she is committed to help making London streets a lot more graffiti free. The team cleaned up graffiti wherever it was found, both on public and private property. The environmentally friendly cleaning product the team uses Graffiti Go cleaned up a lot of graffiti this year as they strived to brake their record of 1200 clean up sites last year. For the full article follow the link here Graffiti Go is truly the green graffiti remover of choice making a difference cleaning up London, Ontario’s communities. Help breathe new life into your community with environmentally friendly products from EcoSolve Americas. Graffiti Go has fast and effective water based technology that eliminates the need for toxic solvents and caustics making it ideal for safe and effective graffiti removal. For more details on Graffiti Go or other Home Strip products please visit